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September, 28, 17:00 (CET)

Infrastructure as a Code:

quick Azure resource to Terrafy transformation

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Leonid Chetverikov

Expert DevOps Engineer


IaC is one of the basics in the DevOps world, which helps keep infrastructure updated, configurable from code, and able to store all changes.

When infrastructure is configured using UI, Terrafy steps in. It is a terraform-based solution that can help you easily transform UI infrastructure into a code-based one.

Join our webinar and learn about the solution and how to use it in practice immediately.

We will talk about:

Infrastructure as a code

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Azure and Terrafy. ARM templates and how to transform them to terraform code

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Pros and cons of Terrafy approach

Terraform as a cloud-independent infrastructure maintenance

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Leonid Chetverikov

Expert DevOps Engineer, Ciklum

Leonid is a development/operation engineer with 10+ years of experience in system engineering and networking design. He has many successful projects in his portfolio – IT, security, and entertainment. 


Leonid never stops learning and mastering new skills. Self-development and thirst for knowledge always drive him further. 


His secret of outstanding results in complex projects? Flexibility and good self-organization.

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Sign up if you're IT specialist who is interested in DevOps and Azure

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