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Free of charge

Language: Eng

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October 20

18:00 (EEST)


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Building AI apps with Java, Tensorflow & DeepLearning4j

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Lucian Gruia 

Senior Software Development Consultant, Ciklum 

AI is all over the place - it is perceived as the future.


What stands behind the marketing of AI, buzzwords or various business cases is technology. It is the core of our discussion during the webinar. 

Starting from the history and research over the past 70 years,

we'll dive into AI technology's technical and mathematical aspects,

well-established concepts and new software frameworks.


As Java is one of the most popular languages for AI in 2022,

we will focus on possibilities to develop AI applications with Java: frameworks,

libraries, tools, cloud platforms and open-source data sets.

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We will talk about:

  • AI history , fundamentals & core concepts 

  • Overview of frameworks for Java 

  • Review of real-life applications using TensorFlow & Deeplearning4j 

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Lucian Gruia, 

Senior Software Development Consultant at Ciklum 

Lucian is a professional with 10+ years in software development mostly focused on programming, software architecture, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in such domains as telecom, fintech & aerospace proven by numerous publications and public talks on the topics.


Alongside with engineering, Lucian has a broad experience in launching and supporting tech startups. 


Lucian never stops learning and mastering new skills. He considers himself a lifelong learner and focuses on developing 2 main sides of him as a professional: an expert and e leader.

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