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Conversational AI expert

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June, 13

15:30 (CET)

Azure AI studio -
RAG as a service

Saikumar Uckoo




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Why is this topic hot?

Have you heard about GitHub Copilot? Well, Microsoft has created Azure AI Studio, which can be used to build your own Copilots that can be integrated into your applications. Join our event and learn more about Azure AI Studio and OpenAI, how to provide open-source LLM without writing code, and more. 

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Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to provision Azure OpenAI service

  • How to utilize Azure OpenAI embeddings to create embeddings out of your documents

  • Using the endpoint of the service to ask questions about your document

  • Ability to deploy open-source LLM models and use them in your applications


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Saikumar Uckoo

Conversational AI expert

  • Cloud Architect specialized in building, deploying, and maintaining AI solutions on Microsoft cloud platforms. 

  • Leads deliveries on platforms like Microsoft PVA, KoreAI, and custom GenAI solutions built on open-source tech.

  • Experienced in building SaaS offerings in Conversational AI space for startups in Media and Health tech by engineering a robust customer experience.

  • An active speaker who shares first-hand experience with open-source LLMs and stable diffusion models with the community.

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offices worldwide

clients reached IPO stage

seasoned like-minded experts globally

client domains: healthcare, fintech, travel, e-commerce, entertainment, security

This event will be interesting for:
  • Cloud Architects 

  • AI enthusiasts 

  • Conversational AI engineers 

SC Saikumar
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