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April, 16

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 16:30 (CET)

Architecting Scalable
AI RAG Systems:

From Startup to Enterprise.
A Live Coding Session




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Why is this topic hot?

AI is the new black, yet it takes skills and proper understanding to convert the buzzword into a working and scalable solution for real-life scenarios. Great news - a solution and main framework can be applied at any scale - from startups to enterprises. All you need is a great team.


Join our live coding session, where you will witness such a solution being created from the ground and adapted to a variety of environments by using different tech stacks 

Unlock practical knowledge within 2 hours. 

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Here's what you'll discover:

  • The current SoA of AI capabilities and the most common use cases.

  • The philosophy behind specific technology and the paradigm changes in the world of AI

  • A real-life solution created using Java, Python, JS, OpenAI, HuggingFace, Langchain, Docker, AWS, and Azure.

  • Data Protection and Privacy - dark sides to shed a light on


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Lucian Gruia 

Principal AI Technology Lead

  • AI Tech Lead with over 11 years of hands-on experience in Telecom, Fintech, and Aerospace. He specializes in AI, data integrity, fraud detection, system performance, architecting frameworks and solutions for real-time systems.

  • Experienced in leading international teams in both enterprise and startup environments.

  • Develops an AI upskill program for 300 engineers at Ciklum.

  • Mentors top tech students in AI/ML topics at Google's Digital Workshop

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Ivan Shelonik

Expert Data Scientist

  • Certified Professional Machine Learning Expert with 7 years of commercial experience in developing Machine Learning projects from the groundto delivery into the Cloud (AWS 5+YoE). 

  • Specializes in: ideation, architecture vision, customer requirement assessment, customer-centric leadership, execution strategy, has proven expertise in project leadership, mentorship, and end-to-end product development.

  • Has worked and delivered primarily for customers from S&P 500

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Daniel-Mihai Gorgan

 Senior JavaScript Developer

  • Tech enthusiast specializing in Node.js, SQL/NoSQL and Cloud technologies with 5+ years of development background  

  • Daniel has a hands-on experience in projects across outsourcing and product companies, contributing to the development of in-house products, smart chatbots, and voicebots by leveraging different AI technologies

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Saikumar Uckoo

Conversational AI expert

  • Cloud Architect specialized in building, deploying, and maintaining AI solutions on Microsoft cloud platforms. Leads deliveries on platforms like Microsoft PVA, KoreAI, and custom GenAI solutions built on open-source tech.

  • Built SaaS offerings in Conversational AI space for startups in Media and Health tech by engineering a robust customer experience.

  • Active speaker who shares first-hand experience about open-source LLMs and stable diffusion models with the community.

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Mariana Batiuk

Principal TCoE Lead

  • Maryana leads the technical council on the QA maturity assessment, test strategy, pre-sales, new services development, initiatives, and quality engineering activities. 

  • Navigates big and small local and remote teams, fostering connections with diverse customers. 

  • Has proficient experience in QA Management, Agile Methodologies, Testing, Team Management, and Coaching.

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Maksym Lypivskyi

Global Head of Cloud Platforms

  • Head of Cloud Platforms

  • Specializing in cloud computing architectures and generative AI applications, he focuses on creating, deploying, and optimizing cutting-edge solutions across global platforms. 

  • A mentor and community builder, he actively shares his insights on generative AI, cloud technologies, and leadership.

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Tech builders interested in AI - executives, sales, developers, data privacy specialists
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