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ISTQB Foundation 4.0

Kateryna Abzyatova,
Senior Manual QA Engineer, Ciklum

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September, 07

17:30 (EEST)



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Why is this topic hot?

The world is changing, and so are the approaches to software testing. 


This spring, ISTQB Foundation 4.0, a new version of the most popular certification for testers, was launched, introducing numerous significant changes. Now, it will include a substantial segment from another certification: the ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester. While the previous version (3.1) will remain accessible for another year, many professionals already consider passing the new one.


So, what is the best exam preparation strategy now?
Join our meeting, where we will discuss all questions related to preparation, registration, and changes this update implies.

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We will talk about:

  • What exactly was added, shortened, or changed in ISTQB Foundation 4.0 

  • Which resources are helpful for preparation and running tests

  • What to do if you already have a basic certificate pass

  • Where to register and how to do it if you are currently abroad

  • What to consider if you plan to pass ISTQB Foundation Exam 4.0

  • Q&A Session

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Kateryna Abzyatova,

Senior Manual QA Engineer at Ciklum

Kateryna has over 10 years of experience as a Manual QA engineer. She’s tested Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications throughout her career. Kateryna has several ISTQB certifications and is passionate about continuously expanding her knowledge.

We Are Ciklum
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We are

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Since 2002, we’ve engineered technology that redefines industries and shapes the way we live



offices globally

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client domains: healthcare, fintech, travel, sportswear, entertainment, security

For whom is this event?

Manual/Automation QA Engineer (any level) who is planning or has already started training

Professionals who already have ISTQB Foundation certification but plan to take other exams or are just curious about the changes

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Deep dive into the updates and Q&A session

SC QA Sept 07

Make a step towards
a new knowledge!


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