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September, 27

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17:00 (CET)

Protecting the modern web application:
not-so-easy decisions




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Why is this topic hot?

Protecting your web assets is more challenging than it may initially appear.

The traditional approach of using a firewall, even a modern Web Application Firewall with bot detection and intelligent features, falls short.

The number of aspects to consider is huge, ranging from defining legitimate bot activity to addressing potential internal logic exploits by attackers.

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We will talk about:

  • Types of typical web threats and attacks based on the example of an enterprise-level project

  • Practical tools to protect from these threats

  • Complex solutions and challenges on this journey

  • Real-life examples with pros and cons of the proposed solutions 

Vladyslav Gram

Lead DevOps strategy advisor at Ciklum

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Vladyslav Gram, 

Lead DevOps strategy advisor at Ciklum

  • 7+ years in engineering 

  • DevOps and DevSecOps lead, former Head of DevOps

  • Cloud architecture and security specialty

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We are

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For whom is this event?

DevOps and SRE engineers who are concerned about the security of their apps

Security and DevSecOps experts who want to see reference examples from enterprise projects

Cloud Architects who are interested in the web security aspect of architecture

DevSecOps, AWS, Akamai, WAF, CDN

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SC Gram

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