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Principal Front-End Lead at Ciklum

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May, 15

17:00 (CET)

signals in JS

Tomas Rezac




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Why is this topic hot?

The fact that many FE frameworks have recently implemented Signals to their core triggered a lot of interest in them. The first hype is whether Signals should be part of the JS ecosystem. If you want to be in the picture and understand what signals are and why they are so tempting and problematic simultaneously, this event is for you. 

Join us, learn, and discuss. 

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Here's what you'll discover:

  • What Signals are

  • How they differ from other reactive patterns

  • How to implement a simple version of Signals

  • What TC39 Signals proposal can bring to JS

  • Are Signals the correct pattern for solving common JS issues?

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  • Experience - Angular lead developer and UX enthusiast

  • Interested in and contributing to Svelte ecosystem for past few years

  • Running several side projects as or newly ttps://

Tomas Rezac
Principal Front-End Lead at Ciklum

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offices worldwide

clients reached IPO stage

seasoned like-minded experts globally

client domains: healthcare, fintech, travel, e-commerce, entertainment, security

This event will be interesting for Middle+ JavaScript developers
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