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September, 21

18:00 (EEST)

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Neural network that can learn: creating from scratch




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Why is this topic hot?

Neural networks stand as one of the most powerful global drivers of impact. They provoke revolutions in entire industries alongside advancing natural language understanding.

Foundational to deep learning, neural networks enable unprecedented data processing sophistication & transform artificial intelligence by mimicking human brain structures.

Beyond their vast applications, there's a deeper discussion. While we might rely on AI for many tasks, the question remains: who builds the AI? How can we design them correctly, thus affecting massive tectonic changes? 

Understanding neural networks isn't merely academic—it implies understanding the very essence of our digital future.

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We will talk about:

  • Learning about what a neuron is and how it functions.

  • The fundamental principles behind neural networks and their role in constructing artificial intelligence engines.

  • Constructing a neural network programmatically.

  • Illustrating the emergence of the learning process.

  • The differences between learning and data storage.

  • Exploring concepts like knowledge, understanding, and reasoning.

  • Discussing various types of learning methodologies.

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Lucian Gruia, 

Principal Java Developer at Ciklum

  • A professional with over 11 years of experience in software development, primarily focused on programming, software architecture, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence 

  • Main domains: telecom, fintech & aerospace 

  • Has a broad experience in launching and supporting tech startups

  • A lifelong learner developing himself as an expert and a leader

  • A driving force behind the AI community at Ciklum and an organiser of AI Hackathon

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Lucian Gruia,

Principal Java Developer at Ciklum

For whom is this event?

Middle and senior professionals:

Software developers (Java, Python, Javascript, SQL devs)

Data scientists 

AI salespersons/enthusiasts 

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Neutral Network sept 19

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