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May, 10

17:30 (CET)


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Minimal API

in .NET

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Miroslava Buchtikova

.NET developer, Ciklum

Why is this topic hot?

The minimal API approach is gaining popularity as it simplifies the development process and makes it easier to create scalable and secure APIs.


We will demonstrate how to implement a minimal API approach in .NET through live coding, thus showcasing how to utilize all the essential elements required for production code, such as authorization, caching, versioning, error handling, validations and more.


By the end of the session, you will clearly understand how to create a secure and scalable API using .NET's minimal API approach. 

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We will talk about:

  • Minimal API background

  • Live coding - production ready minimal API built from scratch

  • Structure code following clean architecture principle

  • Future outlook for Minimal API

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Miroslava Buchtikova

.NET developer, Ciklum

7+ years of experience specializing in system architecture, design patterns, and tools that elevate codebase

Active contributor to various workshops and events organized by Aj ty v IT, Czechitas and Kôlnička etc. 

A speaker at the WUG days conference in Brno.

We Are Ciklum
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We are

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Since 2002, we’ve engineered technology that redefines industries and shapes the way we live



offices globally

clients reached IPO stage


seasoned like-minded experts globally


client domains: healthcare, fintech, travel, sportswear, entertainment, security

For whom is this event?

.NET developers

Anybody who is interested in minimalistic concept of building API

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API in Net

The event will start at 5.30 CET, please join us via the link

is closed

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