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June, 20


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17:30 (CET)

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Tomáš Horáček 

Principal Technology Lead

for Web & Mobile, Ciklum

Why is this topic hot?

The size of JavaScript/TypeScript projects is getting larger, and the complexity and requirements for maintenance are growing. Tools of yesterday don't scale for problems of today.

To improve the developer experience and productivity, many Big Tech companies (like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.) switched from numerous repositories to a single big one called monorepo.


In recent years we saw the rise of JS/TS tooling that allows you to work effectively and efficiently in a monorepo setup. Tools like Nx, Turborepo, Rush and many others allow you to manage monorepos on projects of any scale.


In this webinar, you will learn about monorepo, reasons why it can be helpful on your project and what modern monorepo tooling offersWe will use Nx, the most mature and feature-complete monorepo tool for JS/TS projects.

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We will talk about the following:

  • What is monorepo?

  • Challenges of large monolithic apps & multi-repo approaches

  • How can monorepo tooling solve those challenges?

  • Nx monorepo tooling

  • Demo of monorepo app & tooling

  • Demo of how to switch existing app to Nx tooling

  • Demo of breaking monolithic to smaller parts in monorepo

  • CI/CD setup for monorepo

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Tomáš Horáček, 

Principal Technology Lead for Web & Mobile at Ciklum

  • Works with JavaScript since 2005 (IE6 + jQuery ages 😅)

  • Experienced with many web/mobile-related languages since then: Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, Flow, Elm, and TypeScript

  • Keeps his primary focus on React, React Native, TypeScript and functional programming since 2015

  • Migrated 3 large projects to Nx monorepo in the last 2 years

We Are Ciklum
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We are

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Since 2002, we’ve engineered technology that redefines industries and shapes the way we live



offices globally

clients reached IPO stage


seasoned like-minded experts globally


client domains: healthcare, fintech, travel, sportswear, entertainment, security

For whom is this event?

JavaScript/TypeScript frontend and backend developers.

Developers working on mid-size and large projects.

Developers who want to break monolithic app into smaller isolated modules.

Teams who want to share parts of the code across many applications (e.g. design system library, utility libraries etc.)

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