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Free of charge

Language: Eng

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November, 30

6 pm (CEST)


Spock: Test Fast & Prosper!

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Martin Müller

Java/Kotlin Lead Developer CN Group, a Ciklum company

We invite all Java/Kotlin/Groovy developers interested in modern, clean and expressive testing. Do you think Java is a bit verbose, JUnit not helpful enough and mocking is often cumbersome? Spock is the answer!

Join and learn how to easily turn your test ideas into runnable scenarios using the language truly designed for this purpose

We will talk about:

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  • Why Spock?

  • Groovy highlights

  • Spock basics

  • JUnit comparison

  • Mocking

  • Real-life examples

  • How to migrate your Java & JUnit project (demo).

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Martin Müller, 

Java/Kotlin Lead Developer at CN Group, a Ciklum company

  • Professional Java development since 2010. 

  • Adopted Groovy (Spock) as a main test framework in 2018. 

  • Replaced Java with Kotlin in 2019. Lives happily ever after with Spock.

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Join us if you’re Java/Kotlin/Groovy developer interested in modern, clean and expressive testing

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