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June, 15

16:30 (CET)


from Eliza to ChatGPT and their value in the Metaverse

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David Bueno Vallejo

Associate Professor

at the University of Malaga

Why is this topic hot?

Since the apparition of ChatGPT, conversational systems have become very popular. For many people, this is the first chatbot. Are there any others? Since when? Which are the different technologies used in chatbots? Let's discuss this during our talk. 

We will also get hints about creating our chatbots and what should be considered to make them interesting for users.


Another current hot topic is the metaverse. We will analyze the critical role of these conversational systems with 3d avatars in the metaverse.

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We will talk about:

  • The Turing Test. Could an IA impersonate a human being?

  • The history of conversational systems.

  • The main element of IA for chatbots: NLP and Machine Learning

  • How to make a chatbot

  • Giving humanity to chatbots

  • The example of “Victoria la Malagueña”

  • The LLM (Large Language Models): ChatGPT, Bard

  • How to make a 3d Avatar to talk: TTS, Visemes, …

  • The future of intelligent 3D avatars (tourism, education, metaverse…)

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David Bueno Vallejo

Associate Professor at the University of Malaga

Dr. David Bueno Vallejo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Málaga

Was the CIO of the City of Malaga during 2011- 2021

Led a team of around 130 professionals at the Municipal Information Technology Centre (CEMI), coordinating and participating in projects related to Smart Cities, Chatbots,
E-Admin and Open Government (transparency, open data and participation) that obtained more than 26 awards and recognitions in those fields

Belongs to the Research and Applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI)2 group.

Evolution of chatbots

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Calle Sebastian Souviron 3, 1º planta, 29005, Málaga

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We are

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For whom is this event?

Anyone with or without the technical knowledge 

Programmers can get some ideas to work on these technologies.

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