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August, 24

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18:00 EEST

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ZOOM, free

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REST services with AWS Lambda and .NET Core

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Marcin Bałda

Expert .NET Developer, 



Using the AWS Lambda service in .NET projects will be presented. The lecture is a good starting point for anyone who has not had contact with the AWS platform and the serverless concept so far, and will give a chance to understand more advanced mechanisms.

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We will also cover:

  • how AWS Lambda functions work, their creation, deployment

  • ways of testing and monitoring functions

  • knowledge about API Gateway, CloudWatch or DynamoDB services

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Marcin Balda

Expert .NET Developer

Programmer, recruiter, trainer, speaker.
I'm a staunch supporter of agile software development methodologies and the KISS principle.
I have been programming for about 20 years, professionally for 13.
After hours I spend my time at the gym, walking in the mountains or building my house.
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