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.NET Speakers’ Corner

September, 27


Want to climb high? Let us equip you with essential .NET tools!

Wednesday, September 27, 17:00 

Wrocław, Barbara, ul. Świdnicka 8b, 50-067 

Free entrance



Welcoming guests

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Adam Gorywoda, Common Authentication Scenarios: Simple and Secure


Short break


Adrian Strugała, Driving open source project: from the idea to success


Short break


SPECIAL GUEST! Urszula Oleszek, ‘Applications in the era of AI using Microsoft Azure’



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Common Authentication Scenarios: Simple and Secure

Adam Gorywoda, Senior .NET Developer

Guided by insights from top cloud service providers, Adam will show you how to choose and implement the safest and most efficient security methods for your applications. 


You will find out about:

  • Effective application security using cloud technologies

  • User identity verification and access permissions

  • Different types of authentication methods

Driving open source project: from

the idea to success

Adrian will unveil the process of turning an idea into a thriving open-source project, providing you with a roadmap for your venture. 


You will discover:

  • The journey from concept to a fully production-ready open-source project, with insights from Adrian's AvroConvert library

  • Motivations, challenges, and benefits of the AvroConvert library

  • Techniques to popularize and promote a project

  • How to navigate the maintenance phase and its impact on the community, and how it contributes to professional career growth

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Adrian Strugała, Expert .NET Developer

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Applications in the era of AI using Microsoft Azure

Urszula Oleszek, CEMA CE Regional ISV Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft 

Urszula supports Microsoft partner companies in creating a technology strategy and building software products based on Microsoft Azure. 

She has gained previous experience as a natural language processing & artificial intelligence (R&D) engineer and as a leader of engineering teams.

On a daily basis, she builds and manages cooperation between various teams at Microsoft and partner companies, designs and implements software architecture, product roadmaps at all stages (MVP, PoC, Pilot, Production) as well as conducts workshops and training with a particular focus on PaaS and SaaS strategies.

Our event is tailor-made for developers like you – those who seek to broaden their skill set and foster connections within the .NET community.

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