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When Big Data meets .NET – Avro file format


REST services with AWS Lambda and .NET Core

June 14th


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Miss meeting like-minded people offline? 

Get an amazing opportunity to network and learn something new!

Tuesday, June 14th, 17:00

Wrocław, Barbara, ul. Świdnicka 8b, 50-067

Free entrance



Welcoming guests

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"REST services with AWS Lambda and .NET Core" by Marcin Balda


Short break


"When Big Data meets .NET – Avro file format" by Adrian Strugała



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REST services with AWS Lambda and .NET Core

Marcin Balda will present using the AWS Lambda service in .NET projects. The presentation is a good starting point for professionals who haven’t worked with the AWS platform and the serverless concept yet. It will give everyone a chance to understand more advanced mechanisms.

Marcin Balda, Expert .NET Developer

Programmer, recruiter, trainer, speaker. Marcin is a strong supporter of agile software development methodologies and the KISS principle. 

When Big Data meets .NET – Avro file format

The presentation shows practical aspects of bringing Big Data knowledge to the .NET environment. Adrian Strugała will introduce Apache Avro file format and explain its features in detail. He will also show practical use examples and underline where serialization brings value to the .NET applications

Adrian Strugała, Senior .NET Developer

Adrian Strugała describes himself as a young at heart and ambitious software developer in control engineering and robotics
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