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Ciklum Wrocław, Sky Tower, Szczęśliwa 33, 53-445 Wrocław

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March, 26

5:30 PM

Agile at Scale - Workshop

Łukasz Czaja




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About the workshop

Join us for an immersive workshop where you'll explore diverse approaches to Agile methodologies! We'll talk about scaling challenges, existing solutions on the market, factors to consider when choosing an approach for your project, and the influence of organizational culture on scaling Agile. 


All of this will be part of a "Torpedo Builder" practical simulation, during which you will play the role of an employee in a large R&D organization creating a complex, multi-module product.

Head of Delivery

Dawid Adamczyk

Delivery Manager

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The "Torpedo Builder" game

The players' goal is to create the appropriate number of torpedoes meeting the quality requirements within a limited time, while adjusting to changing external conditions.

The game involves four teams of 3-5 people, each responsible for one of the torpedo components:

▪ detonator

▪ head

▪ fuel tank

▪ engine

In every round, each team decides how it will develop its component. Teammates also choose their representative who communicates with members of other teams to establish a common development strategy.

Every round consists of a short story briefing, time for team conceptual work and decision-making, and building torpedoes.


Can’t wait for you to join us! 


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Head of Delivery at Ciklum Poland. Passionately fights against Zerg swarms and bad delivery practices. Would rather drink cold coffee every day than work in Waterfall.

Łukasz Czaja

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Agile Delivery Manager at Ciklum. An enormous fan of process improvement and building self-efficacy in teams. Powered by coffee and memes.

Dawid Adamczyk

Since 2002, we’ve engineered technology that redefines industries and shapes the way we live

We are


Raj Radhakrishnan on Experience Engineering at Ciklum
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